How to sign up!

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How to sign up!

Postby DennisOBrien » Thu Mar 01, 2007 6:45 pm

1.) Go to:

2. Click the “Register” button near the top of the page.

3.) Read the Registration Agreement Terms and if you are over 13 years of age, click, "I Agree to these terms and am over or exactly 13 years of age"

4.) On the Registration Information page, fill in all the required fields:

    Username - the name you want to use on the BB (your name works well).
    E-mail address - the address to which your confirmation will be sent.
    Password - the password you'll use to access the site.
    Confirm Password - the exact same value as the password above.
    Anti Spammer Bot – Answer the question, enter just the number, the answer to the math question.
    Confirmation Code - The exact same numbers and letters shown just above this field (in gray)

5.) Fill in other details as you like so people know where you are and such.

6.) Click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page.

7a.) If you have not filled in the required fields correctly, you'll be presented with the error you need to correct. Use your browser’s "back" button to return to the Registration Information page and try again.

7b.) If you have filled in the required fields correctly, then you will be told, "Your account has been created. However, this forum requires account activation. An activation key has been sent to the e-mail address you provided. Please check your e-mail for further information"

8.) Check your e-mail at the address you entered. Look for a message with the subject, "Welcome to USS ENGLAND DE635/DLG22/CG22 DECK LOG Forums." Open this message.

9.) You'll see your Username and password followed by the text, "Your account is currently inactive. You cannot use it until you visit the following link:" and a link. Click that link.

10.) The USS ENGLAND DE635/DLG22/CG22 DECK LOG will open with the text, "Your account has now been activated. Thank you for registering"

11.) If you wait about 30 seconds the Index will then load, or just click the Index button near the top of the page.

12.) Click the Login button on the far right near the top of the page.

13.) Enter your username and password and click the "Log In" button.

14.) You will now be logged in and all content will be displayed. You can read and post as you like.

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