About the new Deck Log - Security

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About the new Deck Log - Security

Postby DennisOBrien » Wed Feb 28, 2007 5:54 pm

A few folks have asked about “security.” The old Deck Log was totally in the open and unsecured. So everything posted there was visible and accessible to all. The new Deck Log (BB) is somewhat closed. Only a few of the topics can be viewed without being registered. The “memberlist” can only be read by registered users as can the “groups” (is we ever have any, and the individual profiles. This keeps the ‘bot’ type of search tools out and away from us. The math questions at sign up does the same, keeps the automated spamers out who join just to get their URL on the site. Your e-mail addresses are not accessible even to registered members though there is an interface for them to send you an e-mail without seeing your address.

The point is, the new Deck Log is a huge improvement over the old and allows you to be much more ‘hidden’ from the world. This BB is used all over the Internet to successfully create a place for groups to communicate and with your help, the same will be true here! So, post!!!
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