New Forums and DLG/CG Web Site Redesign

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New Forums and DLG/CG Web Site Redesign

Postby DennisOBrien » Tue Feb 27, 2007 6:43 am

As most of you know, we’ve upgraded the server on which USS England resides and put some good effort into a redesign for the web site that bringing it up to a more modern look and feel.

Part of that mean shutting down the old cumbersome CGI based forum and the old dated Front Page based Deck Log. These have both been replaced by this PHP based Bulletin Board (BB) that allows you to not only post in the topics but also to send each other private e-mail and messages.

You can also have a “signature” and I suggest you put your name and the years on which you served on USS ENGLAND in that. See you “profile” to add this.

The enhanced communication functionality of this BB will enable shipmates to communicate and find each other much better. It will also allow people to plan their own events or be part of the event planning process as we look to the future.

There are several sections already set up. We can add more. Please notice there is an off topic area in which you can discuss nearly anything, whenever you like. Please try to keep it clean so as to keep this place pleasant for all to use.

A few areas can only be seen by registered users, including the Sea Stories, Suggestions and Off Topic areas.

Feel free to discuss what we can do to make this better in the Suggestions area!

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