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USS England Site Changes

Postby DennisOBrien » Tue Feb 17, 2009 6:14 am

Hi Everyone!

OK, so we are giving up our servers for our web business and moving things to shared hosting again. The economy ate our little side thing and so we are going to downsize a bit.

So, the recent forum down time was to move the USS England site(s) to a new home. There are some minor changes. Most notable is the forum is updated to PHPBB 3. It has the default template so it looks a bit different.

Some avatars did not get moved and there are a few bugs to work out but all in all, everything is good.

Anyway, just know that the site is up and here to stay! In the end, this will be an upgrade in many ways!

All is well!

Take care,

DS2 Dennis O'Brien
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